Dark Souls (Part 2) – The Unique Experience

Dark Souls was unlike any other Japanese game to be had in the current market as it disregarded traditional JRPG elements for a more grounded western action. The game is essentially a Japanese rendition of modern western games, but it manages to still be different and offer a unique experience to the consumer.

When you’re playing this game, you need to be prepared to know that you’ll be spending a fair amount of time staring at the words ‘YOU DIED’. It is so often that you will eventually run out of energy to even respond to what just happened. Some games may offer you to decrease the difficulty but in Dark Souls there is no difficulty setting in place.

The game is particularly difficult in that even the smallest mistakes come at a painful cost. The ‘dying’ that you do so much is in fact a game mechanic that basically teaches you a lesson for being careless. But you always come back better than you did before until you claim your glorious triumph.

What makes this experience truly unique are the infamous boss battles of Dark Souls. It isn’t a process of just simply figuring out the boss’s attack patterns, but rather a crushingly difficult fight that will put your focus to the ultimate test. There are often times where you’ll be fighting a boss countless times over and it will all feel like a hopeless struggle, but then from out of nowhere, everything starts falls your way and you defeat the boss, that feeling is one that you will not find in any other RPG.

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