Dark Souls (Part 1) – Introduction/Setting

In recent weeks I had a thought about what pieces of Asian media I had consumed to pursue as a research topic and it almost slipped my mind that just a couple months ago I played ‘Dark Souls’, an action-RPG game developed in Japan. The reason being is that it was nothing like popular Japanese games at all.

If I had to describe the setting of this game, I would say it runs along the lines of a world of dungeons and dragons. Completely different from Asian culture, the medieval fantasy theme placed you in a world filled with popular western folklore such as gargoyles, stone knights, imps, and countless other creatures with a sole purpose to kill you over and over and over…

You most likely have heard through the grapevine that Dark Souls is one of the hardest video games out there and by god, you heard right. Personally I was hesitant on playing this game at first but I built up the courage to do so and ran the gauntlet. This is one of those games that you hate and love at the same time, it had me running a string of obscenities every time I died, but I came back each time with a determination and vengeance to beat this game.

I think a lot of the western games today can always offer you fun and entertainment but none can challenge you like Dark Souls can. It’s no light-hearted adventure, but rather a self-controlled journey into the dark unknown. It will punish you and it will be difficult, but it is by far the most rewarding game to be beaten.

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